Donate to the Recycled Riches Fund

Donate to the Recycled Riches Fund

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How serious are we about world evangelism, about carrying out the greatest commission (Matthew 28-19, 20)? Congregations are beachheads for world evangelism. Interest-free loans to help new churches get into their first buildings are already a reality that can be greatly expanded through the Recycled Riches Fund. An interest-free loan does seem too good to be true, but such loans are being made. These are limited because of limited funds. Funds are limited by lack of vision. Here is one area in which we can get serious about the Lord's work. Read on about Recycled Riches.

The church is to evangelize the world. This is the essence of the greatest commission (Matthew 28:19,20). There are many facets of this commission, and some come down to the local congregation. Missionaries and funds for world evangelism come from local churches. With more congregations, more will be won to Christ, who will, in turn, become involved in world evangelism. The Christian Restoration Association has for many years been helping new congregations get started, and with the Recycled Riches Fund, the possibilities for multiplying congregations are beyond imagination. This will require the cooperation of many individuals and church groups.

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