The College Press NIV Commentary - Romans (with CD) by Jack Cottrell

Romans NIV Commentary

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The College Press NIV Commentary - Romans (with CD)

by Jack Cottrell

Designed for the serious student as well as the lay reader seeking to grow in understanding of Scripture, Dr. Jack Cottrell's Romans: The College Press NIV Commentary offers a unique perspective on Paul's letter to the church in Rome from one who has long been a part of the Restoration Movement.

With unusual clarity and simplicity, Dr. Cottrell deals with the complex issues that arise within Romans, cutting to the very marrow of the matter and taking great care to wrestle with text until the meaning of Paul's words—God's words—is accurately exposed. In the process of explaining the text, Cottrell also interacts with other writers assessing their positions, attacking their weaknesses, and confirming their contributions to the understanding of the text.

All the while he is concerned about theology: theology that comes directly from Romans to be sure; however, he is also concerned about the theology that comes to Romans from the rest of Scripture.

This commentary will be of great benefit to laity and students. It is in-depth and detailed without being technical.

559 pages (hardbound)