The Church in the Bible and History (Video)

The Church in the Bible and History (Video)

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The Church in Bible and History (VIDEO)

Dr. Harvey C. Bream, Jr.

This set contains six exciting sessions taught by Dr. Bream:
Session #1:  How It All Began - 55 minutes
Session #2:  What Went Wrong With the Church - 38 minutes
Session #3: The Road Back - 29 minutes
Session #4:  A New Beginning - 36 minutes
Session #5:  Another Wrong Turn - 44 minutes
Session #6:  Getting Back on Track - 24 minutes

Plus -

Bonus: 50 Minute Overview

Also includes a printable outline.

270 minutes

This video series is made available through the Christian Restoration Association located in Mason, OH. This video is approved for private in-person viewing by individuals, small groups, or congregations but should not be posted or broadcast elsewhere without the prior written consent of the Christian Restoration Association, 7133 Central Parke Blvd., Mason, OH 45040, (513) 229-8000 -

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