So You Think You Understand Christianity?

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So You Think You Understand Christianity?

by Rich Hoyer

We live in a culture that has greatly benefited from Christianity’s growth and influence over the past 2000 years. Hospitals, universities, and even modern science developed because of Christianity’s core beliefs. Virtues like compassion are widely assumed noble because of the witness of Christianity.

Even so, many 21st-century citizens of the West know surprisingly little about Christianity. Many know that Christianity is associated with Jesus and the church. Yet they often know little more. What’s more, misconceptions about Christianity abound.

“So You Think You Understand Christianity?” seeks to remedy that problem by explaining biblical Christianity in clear and simple terms while pointing the reader to the Bible. It also seeks to persuade the reader to follow Jesus Christ.

“So You Think You Understand Christianity?” is designed as a tool that helps readers become Christians. It’s also intended to help Christians live faithful and full lives as followers of Jesus Christ. Read it for yourself. Give it to others to help them become Christians. Use it in the church to disciple and strengthen church members.

191 Pages

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