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Cults and the Occult (Vol. 16)

Cults and the Occult (Vol. 16)

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Cults and the Occult

by Jack Cottrell

"This present volume is divided into two parts, both of which deal with explaining and refuting false teachings. I take very seriously Paul’s inspired instructions to church elders and leaders in Titus 1:9, that they must “be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.” The contents of this book fall into the latter category.In my nearly forty-nine-year career as a seminary professor, I taught many courses that qualify as exhorting in sound doctrine; but I also taught several that focused on refuting those who contradict it. For many years I taught a two-credit course on “Theology of the Cults”, and I also taught a one-credit course on occultism. Some of that material has been worked into this volume."~ Jack Cottrell (From the Preface)

200 Pages