Studies in Bible Doctrine (Vol. 18)

Studies in Bible Doctrine (Vol. 18)

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Studies in Bible Doctrine (Vol. 18)

by Jack Cottrell

"When I finished putting together Volume 17 of my “Collected Writings” series (preface dated April 26, 2019), I did not know if that would be the end of it or not. I had surveyed all of my older, shorter writings and selected everything I wanted to include in the series, and was satisfied to leave it at that.

So where did this Volume 18 come from? Well, the fact is that every one of the essays or studies included here were written since Volume 17 was completed! Most were produced in 2020....

It is obvious that I did not set out to produce a series of essays or lessons on a single theme for this volume; several distinct subjects are addressed herein. When I wrote these items, I was not thinking about producing a new volume at all. This makes it a bit difficult to decide on a title for the book. So, since the material here is quite varied in nature, I am giving it the general title of Studies in Bible Doctrine....

Some of this material has been or will be published in the CRA’s Restoration Herald. I am thankful for the CRA’s leadership in preserving the traditional conservative understanding of the nature of Biblical authority and the true meaning of Biblical teaching. May God continue to keep its path straight and its influence growing."

February 11, 2021

(Extracted from Preface)

228 Pages


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