One Baptims Into Christ Volume 5 in Collective Writings of Jack Cottrell

One Baptism Into Christ (Vol. 5)

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One Baptism Into Christ

by Jack Cottrell

Dr. Cottrell states in the preface, "I consider the doctrine of baptism to be one of the most important Biblical doctrines for consideration by the Christian world today. This is true not just because baptism is one of the New Covenant conditions for receiving salvation from sin, but because it is almost universally misunderstood throughout Christendom in our time. The misunderstanding of the form of baptism (i.e., immersion) began as early as the mid-second century of the Christian era, in the Christian writing known as The Didache (or, The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles). The subjects of baptism began to be misunderstood in the earthly third century, as infant baptism began to be introduced along with the beginning of speculation about original sin. Thus throughout most of Christian history there has been serious disagreement on these aspects of baptism.... I pray that this abandonment of the sound doctrine of baptism will stop, and that those who are still holding firm to the truth will continue to do so."

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