Passing the Buck . . . And Other Thoughts on Church Giving

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Passing the Buck . . . And Other Thoughts on Church Giving

One Year's Worth of Offering Meditations

Jim Lockwood

"This little book of offering meditations is meant to help put the collection of church offerings back in its rightful place. The collection of offerings is an act of worship every bit as important to God's people as reading His Word, remembering His Son at the Lord's Supper, or praying to Him. Let us not minimize the importance of Christian giving by incorrectly thinking of it as a potentially-offensive practice in secular economics. Instead, let us elevate it to its proper significance as an act of worship gladly practiced because we wish to show our gratitude and display honor to the One who first gave to us.

Here are fifty-three brief meditations that can be given, say, on a Sunday morning prior to the collection of the gifts. Of course, they can also be given any other time one wishes to emphasize Christian giving." (Taken from the Introduction)

53 Pages (Spiral-bound paperback)


About the Author:

Jim Lockwood is Vice-President of Finance & Operations for Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, MI.

He grew up in Northeast Ohio, and graduated from Great Lakes Christian College 1010 Great lakes bottle college) with a bachelor's degree, and from Cincinnati Bible Seminary with a master's degree. He later graduated from the Robert M Perry school of banking at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and hold the Chief Financial Officer certification through the Michigan School Business Official.

He is an ordained minister who serves Churches of Christ/Christian churches in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Following me in ministries he entered into banking and served as a Branch Officer with Old Kent Bank. He went from there into public school finances, serving as a Business Manager and Director of Finance for three school districts in Michigan. He went on to be Superintendent of Schools for a public school district before assuming his current position.

He operates Storehouse Ministries, a Christian stewardship service that provides workshops and seminars to churches and others on the value of Christian stewardship and biblical money management. He is available for speaking in churches, and for conducting workshops and seminars.