Christianity 101

Christianity 101

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Christianity 101 - An Introduction to New Testament Christianity as Taught in the Bible 

by Ermal Allen

Christianity 101 provides a starting point to answering the question, "What is Christianity?" Written with a firm reliance on the Bible as the word of God, it presents answers for interested persons who may not yet have this same trust in the Bible. As the subtitle suggests, this work rests solely on the teachings in the Bible from a nondenominational perspective. This study would be useful for anyone wanting to understand original Christianity for the first time. It would also be useful for new Christians who want to know more about the basics of their faith. In addition, even for long-time Christians looking for a refresher course in understanding or rebuilding their faith, Christianity 101 provides lessons in several areas relating to that process. Needless to say, those who wish to help others learn about Christianity will find this book to be a valuable road map for constructing a course of study.

125 Pages

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