The Gender Roles Debate - Jack Cottrell - The Collected Writings of Jack Cottrell

The Gender Roles Debate (Vol. 13)

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The Gender Roles Debate

by Jack Cottrell

The subject of this volume is in a sense transitional, since it lies somewhere between systematic theology and ethics. These two areas of study both belong to the more general category of Bible doctrine (“doctrine” = teaching), since they both focus specifically on what the Bible teaches. They differ in the following way, however: systematic theology (or just theology) is a study of what the Bible teaches is true (and false) in regard to the Christian world view; while ethics is a study of what the Bible teaches is right (and wrong) in regard to the Christian world view. Thus they embrace the categories of “faith and practice” in the venerable Restoration Movement principle, “The Bible alone is our only rule of faith and practice.”... Another reason for developing this course (and for the extensive study and writing as such) was my conviction that this subject is of critical importance to the integrity and well-being of individuals, families, and the church. Our culture once believed (and should still believe) that one of the most fundamental aspects of reality is the division of the human race into two distinct genders: male and female. If we do not get this right, it will affect practically everything else we do in one way or another.

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