Studies in Romans  - Part 1 - 28 Lessons for Personal or Group Study by Jack Cottrell

Studies in Romans - Part 1

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Studies in Romans - Part 1: 28 Lessons for Personal or Group Study

by Jack Cottrell

"My purpose for writing and publishing this material in book form is the same as for producing my two previous books of this nature, Studies in First Peter and Studies in Ephesians (both by The CRA, 2017 & 2020). As the subtitle for each of them says, “Lessons for Personal and Group Study”; and that is my intention for this volume. You can use it to deepen your own understanding of this section of the Bible, or you can use it to teach a group larger than just yourself. I am hoping you will start with the former, and then proceed to the latter. This book is especially designed as a teaching guide, in that I decided to maintain the outline form of the contents (which seems to lend itself more to the purpose of teaching).

For those who will be using this book to lead a group study, I will offer these suggestions. I recommend first that as you prepare to teach a lesson, you should first try to read the material on that section of Scripture that is given in my College Press commentary on Romans. Second, do not think that you have to cover a whole lesson in just one teaching session. Take your time as you teach and lead a discussion on the material. It usually took me two or three sessions (or more) to cover one lesson. Three, consider recommending that each student in your group acquire a copy of the book so that he or she can follow along as you explain and apply the outlines point by point. (This is one reason why I left these lessons in their original outline form.)"

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