Christian Doctrine: A Book of Basic Beliefs

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Christian Doctrine: A Book of Basic Beliefs

by Mashoko Mission, David Grubbs, Peter Grubbs, and Jill Shaw

During the 1991 National Conference of the Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe, there was an appeal from the youth of the churches for a study book to be prepared that would contain teachings of the church that the young people should know. For several years before that it had been felt that a good study book was needed, not just for the youth, but for church leaders and potential church leaders as well.

To meet this need, missionaries at Mashoko Mission, particularly David Grubbs, Peter Grubbs, and Jill Shaw pooled their efforts and produced this manuscript. The material was then published by the Central Africa Mission Evangelistic Literature Service (C.A.M.E.L.S.) in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. For a number of years this mission publishing house has been overseen by Frances Johnson. The book came to the attention of the director of The Christian Restoration Association who was much impressed with the quality of both its contents and format. Realizing that it could be a blessing to churches in America, he sought and gained permission to publish it in the States. Only a minimum of editing, most of it to make the book more applicable to an American audience, was done.

An interesting aspect concerning this book is that the authors acknowledge their use of notes from various Bible teachers and specifically refer to the use of unpublished work of the late Professor George Mark Elliott. Professor Elliott was for many years a faithful trustee of the Christian Restoration Association. Additionally, this publication contains an Appendix on Baptism by Dr. Lewis A. Foster.

It is hoped that the book will be widely used to instruct Christians in the basic doctrines of the church.

78 pages

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