God-Centered Christianity

God-Centered Christianity

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God-Centered Christianity: The Bible's Antidote for Self-Centered Religion

by John Davis

"It's all about YOU!" That is the message coming from so many churches in the west today. While few church leaders would come out and say that explicitly, actions are speaking louder than words. We are communicating what we truly value in the way we preach, the way we pray, the way we talk about Bible reading, the way we organize our church services, the words we sing, and even the way we talk about the gospel. And in many churches today the message being implicitly communicated is that God exists to help me become the me I want to be.

But the Bible gives us a much different picture - one where God, not man, is at the center of all. Scripture calls us to take our eyes off of ourselves and behold the glory of God. If we do that, everything will change.

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