1 Peter - Christianity Under Fire - Vol. 1 - Study Guide by Dr. Shane Capps

1 Peter - Christianity Under Fire - Vol. 1

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1 Peter - Christianity Under Fire - Vol. 1

Dr. Shane Capps

The book of 1 Peter is an amazing book that encourages us to hold on to the hope we have in Jesus Christ. What is hope? How do we hold on to it? How can it encourage us to stay faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ no matter what happens in this life? With our study guidebook on the book of 1 Peter, we will learn how to hold on to this hope even when our life is falling apart. Let’s study "Christianity Under Fire.” -Shane Capps

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About the Author

Dr. Shane Capps is a graduate of Louisville Bible College, Louisville, KY with a Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor of Sacred Literature. He earned a Master of Sacred Literature from Summit Theological Seminary, Peru, IN, and a Doctorate of Biblical Studies with a major in Biblical Preaching from Master’s International School of Divinity, Evansville, IN; and a Doctoral Certificate with a major in Preaching from Trinity College of the Bible, Newburgh, IN.

Dr. Capps has been in the full-time preaching ministry for 24 years. During this time, he has held three located ministries and has preached in over twelve states. He has conducted numerous revivals, men's clinics, and family camps. In addition, he is a Bible and History Professor at Summit Theological Seminary.