The Bible Versus Calvinism - Jack Cottrell - Volume 4

The Bible Versus Calvinism (Vol. 4)

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The God of the Bible

by Jack Cottrell

This volume contains items that I have written on the subject of Calvinism. I have had a strong interest in this doctrinal system ever since I was an M.Div. student at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (1962-1965). WTS at that time was a premiere Evangelical seminary, but was also most adamantly Calvinist in its theological orientation. During my years as a student there, I can remember no more than five other students besides myself that were not Calvinists. My teachers were respected Evangelical scholars as well as strict Calvinists. This affected me in two ways. First, I learned the teachings of Calvinism “from the inside,” as it were, and from its most learned representatives (e.g., John Murray and Cornelius Van Til). Second, I was strongly motivated to analyze and critique Calvinist doctrine in the light of the Bible. As a result, I became fairly well known in the Evangelical community, and known as someone who is able to set forth a viable alternative to Calvinism. My 1984 volume, What the Bible Says About God the Ruler, was especially intended to interact with Calvinism and set forth such an alternative. Also, over the past fifty years or so, I have spoken often and written many smaller works on Calvinism, which more than warrants this present selection of materials focused on the subject.

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