Studies in Ephesians

Studies in Ephesians

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Studies in Ephesians

by Jack Cottrell

". . . the content of almost all of my teaching, preaching, and writing has been presented via the method known as TOPICAL, i.e., subject by subject. I do not apologize for this, and I have no regrets for teaching Biblical and theological content in this manner. I will continue to do so as the occasion calls for it. It seems to have worked quite well so far.

In the last decade or so, however, my style of teaching on the local church level has changed somewhat. Beginning with my part-time ministry at the Bright Christian Church (2007-2010), I became more interested in teaching the Bible book by book. I do not mean simply hitting the high points and devoting just one lesson to each chapter. This, I fear, does not do justice to the richness of the content of most Bible books. I usually get three or four lessons out of each chapter...Along with teaching First Peter, in the past few years I have also taught from the Gospels, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Romans, and the Book of Ephesians. This present book originates from the last of these teaching series. Here I have only 25 lessons covering six chapters, but most of these lessons are longer than the ones on First Peter. For those who decide to teach Ephesians using this book, I give you this advice: do not think that you have to cover each chapter in just one single teaching session! Take your time (as I do), use your own illustrations, and make your own applications. I sometimes spent three or four sessions on just one lesson."   ~ Jack Cottrell

420 pages

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