Jesus Lord and Saviour by Jack Cottrell

Jesus Lord and Savior (Vol. 7)

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Jesus Lord and Saviour

by Jack Cottrell

"Few if any subjects in the Bible are more important than its teachings about Jesus Christ. In my graduate studies I attended two seminaries, Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and Princeton Theological Seminary. In each program I had a course on Christology. In the WTS course I learned very much (more on this below), but in the PTS course the content was not very helpful for my future teaching purposes. The main reason for this difference is the vastly different view of the Bible held by each school. WTS was firmly committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Word, and PTS was not.

Nevertheless, as I sat through the Princeton course, one thing impressed me greatly. This was a graduate seminar, so there was a lot of student participation in the class sessions. Most of my fellow students did not believe the Bible to be inspired or necessarily true. Most of them did not really believe Jesus to be divine. But the thing that impressed me is that they knew that Jesus was and is something very special. They were treating Jesus with a reverence that was far beyond what their beliefs required. I concluded that this is simply because Jesus is who He is! He cannot help but have this effect on people who take the time to study the Gospels and interact with the Nazarene as He is presented there....

Over the years I have produced quite a few short studies on various aspects of the person and work of Christ, though. This book contains 30 of them. Many of these were answers to questions from my Facebook friends, answers which usually found their way onto my website ( and into my column in The Restoration Herald called “Ask the Professor.” That’s why the titles of many of the items included here are in the form of a question.

In selecting items for this volume I have made an effort to avoid as much as possible just copying various sections from my already-published books. But sometimes, in replying to a Facebook question, the best answer often was on a page or two of one of my books. I confess that in a few cases herein, my answers fall into that category. Please accept my apology for that. It does not happen often." (Adapted from the Preface)

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