God's Word is Truth - Jack Cottrell - Volume 2

God's Word is Truth (Vol. 2)

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God's Word is Truth

by Jack Cottrell

The second volume in the collection entitled "The Collected Writings of Jack Cottrell." As Dr. Cottrell explains, "these items for the most part develop themes related to the Bible, with a continuing emphasis on sound doctrine. (Sound doctrine, or TRUTH, was the theme of the first volume, The Unity of Truth.)

I have divided these items into two categories. In Part One, all of the essays are dealing with the same subject, namely, the inerrancy of the Bible. For almost two decades this was one of the most controversial Biblical topics under discussion in our Movement and elsewhere. In the Evangelical world this issue became prominent in the early 1960s, and in the Restoration Movement about ten years later. It continued to be debated into the 1980s.

Part Two of this volume is a selection of five unrelated addresses on Biblical topics, most of which have appeared within the last decade or so. For most of them (maybe all of them), this is the first time they have been in print. I consider the longest of these, "The Newness of the New Testament," to be one of the most important studies I have ever produced. If you read nothing else in this volume, please read this!" (Adapted from the Preface) 

228 pages

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