God's Amazing Salvation - Vol. 1 (Vol. 9)

God's Amazing Salvation - Vol. 1 (Vol. 9)

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God's Amazing Salvation - Vol. 1

by Jack Cottrell

 "When I was sorting out all the smaller writings I have produced over the decades, I was a bit surprised at how many of them fall under the subject of salvation. When measured by volume, there is almost twice as much material on this subject as on any of the other subjects. This means that there will be two volumes under the title, God’s Amazing Salvation.  I guess I should not have been surprised at all since salvation is probably the subject that lies closer to our hearts than the others. Also, it has been the subject of a great many of the questions that have come to me by my Facebook friends, and therefore the subject of many of the short essays that have appeared on my website (www.jackcottrell.com) and in my Restoration Herald column, 'Ask the Professor.' "(From the Preface)

201 pages