From Now to Eternity: Prophecy and the End Times - Jack Cottrell - From The Collected Writings of Jack Cottrell

From Now to Eternity (Vol. 12)

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From Now to Eternity: Prophecy and the End Times

by Jack Cottrell

"This volume takes us to the end of the various subjects that form the full scope of systematic theology. We began with the concept of theology as such (truth, sound doctrine, bibliology), and now we have come to eschatology (the end times). In between we have covered theology proper (the doctrine of God), anthropology (the doctrines of man and sin), Christology (the person and work of Christ), pneumatology (the doctrine of the Holy Spirit), soteriology (the doctrine of salvation), and ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church).So far, in the first eleven volumes of this series, I have not been attempting to write a “systematic theology.” I have done that already in my book The Faith Once for All (College Press, 2002). In this series I have just been collecting miscellaneous brief studies on various aspects of these Biblical subjects without trying to cover the subjects thoroughly or in any certain order. In this regard, the present volume is different from all the others. Here I have attempted to produce a unified systematic study of Biblical teachings about prophecy and the end times. This is not just a collection of unrelated miscellaneous brief studies and sermons."

~ Jack Cottrell (Excerpt from the Preface)

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