BAPTISM: Zwingli or The Bible by Jack Cottrell

BAPTISM: Zwingli or The Bible?

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BAPTISM: Zwingli or The Bible?

by Jack Cottrell

Perhaps no Bible doctrine is more misunderstood than the Bible’s teaching on Christian baptism. In Baptism: Zwingli or the Bible, Dr. Cottrell explores the influence of the Reformer Huldreich Zwingli (A.D. 1484-1531) on the modern understanding of the meaning and purpose of baptism.

For the first 1500 years of Christendom, the Bible’s teaching that baptism is for the remission of sins was accepted, taught, and practiced. Dr. Cottrell explains the details of how Zwingli’s laying the foundation for covenant theology led to his efforts to revise the church's prior 1500-year consensus concerning the meaning of baptism.

In Baptism: Zwingli or the Bible, Dr. Cottrell also discusses the relationship of faith, works, and baptism where he demonstrates conclusively that baptism is not a work of law but rather is the sinner’s response to the gospel call. Thus, baptism for the forgiveness of sins is not inconsistent with the Bible's teaching that salvation is by grace, apart from works of law.

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