Am I Ready to be Baptized

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Am I Ready to be Baptized?

by Kyle Butt & John Farber

"This book is written to help you ask your child some of the vital questions involved in becoming a Christian. There is no substitute for godly parents who are bringing their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This book, however, can be a valuable resource that can be used to open up dialog between the parent and child. Written and illustrated in a style that maturing children can understand and appreciate, this book forces its young reader to ask themselves some really tough questions. In the process, it supplies the reader with the crucial biblical knowledge needed to become a child of God." (Adapted from the "Note to Parents" introduction)

*Includes pages for recording answers to basic questions PLUS a Baptismal certificate.

43 pages - Hardbound (limited supply) or Paperback